Can I Keep My Medigap Plan If I Move?

Can I keep my Medigap plan if I move? If you’re moving to another state, here's what you need to know about keeping your Medicare Supplement Insurance.
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A Guide to Traveling On Medicare

Learn more about how your Medicare coverage works when you are moving or traveling, both inside the United States and abroad.
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Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare Part D)

Medicare Part D is the program's prescription drug benefits. Find out if enrolling in prescription drug coverage is right for you.
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What Is the Medicare Part D Donut Hole?

The Medicare Part D donut hole is a temporary coverage gap for your prescription drugs. Find out how the donut hole is changing in 2020.
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Medicare to Avoid Spending Cuts in 2017

Medicare will avoid any spending cuts for 2017 after a new report reveals the program's finances are better than previously projected.
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Does COBRA or Group Coverage Impact Medigap?

Having COBRA insurance or group health insurance from an employer could potentially impact the cost of Medigap. Read on to learn more.
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First-Dollar Coverage Medicare Plans in 2020 and Beyond | Important Plan F & Plan C Changes

Some changes are coming to first-dollar coverage Medicare plans in 2020, such as Medigap Plan F and Plan C. Learn what this means for your Medicare benefits, costs and coverage.
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Do I Need Medicare Supplement Insurance? | 2021 Medigap Plan Benefits

Millions of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap). Learn the costs that a Medigap plan can help cover, and compare Medigap plans available where you live.
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What Do Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare) Cover?

Need to know if your medical test or service is covered by Original Medicare? Check out this comprehensive list to find out what Medicare does and does not cover.
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What Medicare Does And Does Not Cover

Original Medicare covers a lot, but it doesn't cover everything. Learn more about what Medicare does and does not cover.
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Compare Medigap Plans 2021

See how the 10 Medigap plans differ. Review our chart for a detailed comparison of Medicare Supplement insurance benefits and compare Medigap options where you live. Read more
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