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Coronavirus News and Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries

Below is a guide to help Medicare beneficiaries stay informed and better protect themselves against the coronavirus, including how Medicare coverage c...

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5 Technologies That Improve The Lives Of Seniors

Producing technologies that help seniors live better lives at home has resulted in a $2 billion a year industry — expected to rise to $30 billion by 2...

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Elder Financial Abuse

What is Financial Abuse? Elder financial abuse is any activity that uses deceitful, fraudulent or otherwise illegal tactics to take money or resources...

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Discounts for Seniors

During the Great Depression, senior citizens were disproportionately affected and the savings they had accrued for years were wiped away seemingly ove...

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Live A Longer, Healthier, More Fulfilling Life With A Pet

It’s no secret that older adults can benefit immensely from pet ownership. But for some, the demands of owning an animal may seem too strenuous....

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Food Insecure Seniors

In 2014, nearly 10.2 million American seniors faced food insecurity. That represents close to 15.8 percent of the population of people age 60 and olde...

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Nutrition Tips for Seniors

We all know it’s important to eat well, but the need for a healthy and nutritious diet increases even more as you age. Poor nutrition can lead t...

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Minimize Your Fall Risk

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 1.6 million Americans go to the E.R. every year as a result of a fall. And among elderly adults,...

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Sexual Health in Older Adults

You’ve seen the commercials on television and the advertisements in magazines. An older couple is outside working in the garden when the moment...

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