Comparing plans

Are PPOs a Good Choice for Your Health Care?

A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is a type of health care plan that has a network of participating providers.
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Choosing the Right Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

Learn more about Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and compare free quotes to find the right plan to fit your health care needs.
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Medico Insurance Company

Medico Insurance Company offers a range of insurance products, including health insurance, life insurance and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.
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Physicians Insurance Agency

Physicians Insurance Agency was founded in 1981 and serves more than 8,000 members in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.
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Liberty National Life Insurance Company

Liberty National Life Insurance Company offers life and supplemental health insurance, selling policies both in-home and through the workplace.
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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans offer basic benefits that cover certain out-of-pocket health insurance costs. Learn more and find the best plan.

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Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) can help pay for some of Medicare's out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles, copayments and coinsurance.

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Health Net

Founded in 1979, Health Net provides health benefits to more than 5 million individuals in all 50 states.
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Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest nonprofit health plans in the U.S., serving over 11 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia.
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Which 2020 Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan is Right For You?

How do you find the 2020 Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan that best fits your needs? Learn how to compare Medigap plans and find a plan online today.
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Resource Center

Compare Medigap Plans 2020

See how the 10 Medigap plans differ. Review our chart for a detailed comparison of Medicare Supplement insurance benefits and compare Medigap options where you live. Read more
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