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Does Original Medicare Cover Walkers?

Does Medicare cover walkers? Medicare Part B covers walkers and other durable medical equipment if they are deemed medically necessary. Learn more about your coverage.

Christian Worstell

by Christian Worstell | Published November 17, 2023 | Reviewed by John Krahnert

Does Medicare pay for walkers? Medicare Part B does cover walkers for rental or for purchase. Walkers, including rollators, are considered durable medical equipment (DME).

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans can help cover walkers by paying certain out-of-pocket costs like Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, copays and more.

A couple walks outside while the husband uses a walkerMedigap plans can help pay for walkers, wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment.

When Does Medicare Pay for Walkers?

When does Medicare cover walkers? Simply put, Medicare pays for walkers and other durable medical equipment when they are deemed medically necessary by your physician.

Additionally, Medicare will only cover its portion of the costs if your health care provider and equipment supplier participate in Medicare. This means that they accept Medicare reimbursement as payment in full for their services or for the walker.

If your provider does not accept Medicare assignment, there is potentially no limit to what they might charge for your walker.

How Much Do Walkers Cost With Medicare?

When the medical equipment supplier for your walker accepts Medicare assignment, you will typically pay 20% Part B coinsurance for the Medicare-approved costs for your walker. 

Before your walker is covered, however, you must meet the Medicare Part B deductible (which is $240 per year in 2024). You may need to either buy or rent the walker.

In some areas of the country, Medicare operates a Competitive Bidding Program that could affect the cost of your walker and other durable medical equipment. Be sure to ask your physician to find out if a Competitive Bidding Program will affect your walker cost.

Medicare Supplement Plans Can Help Cover Walkers

If you would like coverage for some of Medicare’s out-of-pocket costs such as coinsurance and deductibles, you can consider Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap.

Each of the 10 standardized Medigap plans that are available in most states cover at least part of the Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayments you might face when you rent or buy a walker.

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