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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Options 2020

4 things to know about Medigap plan options:

  1. There are 10 different Medigap plans in most states. Each plan is named with a different letter.
  2. Medigap plan types with the same letter provide the exact same basic benefits, no matter which company you buy from. Plans with different letters provide different benefits.
  3. The most popular Medigap plan option is Plan F.
  4. Premiums vary between different plan options and insurance carriers.

There are 10 types of Medigap plans (also called Medicare Supplement insurance) to choose from. Each has been standardized by the U.S. government and is available in almost every state. (Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have different options.)

Each Medigap plan option is named with a letter. Click on one of the following buttons to learn more about that specific Medigap plan option. 

Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D Plan F Plan G Plan K Plan L Plan M Plan N

You can also continue reading for more information about all 10 plans.

If you want to compare all 10 plan options at once, you can request a free plan comparison online today.

What Is Medigap?

Medigap plans help cover some of the out-of-pocket expenses that Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn’t cover.

These costs can include things like Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, copayments and more.

A Medicare Supplement Insurance plan fills in some of the gaps left by Original Medicare, hence the nickname “Medigap.”  

What Do Medigap Plans Cover?

Insurance companies must offer the same standardized benefits for each plan option.

For example, one insurer’s Plan C will have the exact same benefits as another insurer’s Plan C. The only difference is price.

There are 9 different standardized benefits that Medigap policies can cover — 4 basic benefits that each plan must cover, plus 5 additional benefits. Each plan has a different combination.

Plan F is the only Medigap plan that covers all 9 benefits. Plan A, on the other hand, covers only the 4 basic benefits.

How Do I Compare Medigap Plans?

The benefits included in each plan are listed in the chart below. A check mark means the plan covers that particular benefit 100%.

Medicare Supplement Plans Chart 2020

Will My Doctor Accept My Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare Supplement Insurance is accepted anywhere that Medicare is accepted, by any provider who accepts Medicare.

There are no networks involved, and providers may not opt out of Medigap as long as they accept Medicare insurance. 

What Is the Average Cost of a Medigap Policy?

The average Medigap plan premium in 2018 was $125.93 per month.1 

The average cost of a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan can vary based on your age, gender, smoking status, health and where you live, as well as the benefits that are offered by the plan.

  • Benefits
    Medigap plans that offer more benefits will generally cost more than plans with less coverage, depending on where you live and the insurance companies that provide Medigap policies in your area.

  • Location
    Your local cost of living can affect the cost of Medigap plans, in the same way that a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas may cost more in one area than another. Learn more about how much Medigap plans cost in your state.

  • Age
    Some insurance companies may charge more for a Medigap plan based on the age of the applicant, or the plan costs may increase each year as the policyholder ages.

What Is the Best Medigap Plan?

The most popular Medigap plans are usually the ones that cover the most benefits.

  • Plan F is by far the most popular. 55% of all Medigap beneficiaries were enrolled in Plan F in 2017.2

    Plan F is the only Medicare Supplement insurance plan that includes coverage for all 9 Medigap benefits. Plan F and Plan C, another plan that includes most Medigap benefits, will not be available to new Medicare beneficiaries starting on Jan. 1, 2020.

  • The next most popular plan is Plan G. 13% of all Medigap beneficiaries were enrolled in Plan G in 2017.

The following table shows how popular each of the 10 standardized plans were in 2017.

Rank Plan Share of total*
1 F 55%
2 G 13%
3 N 10%
4 C 6%
5 B 2%
6 D 1%
7 A 1%
8 K 1%
9 L <0.5%
10 M <0.5%
*Percentages do not add up to 100% because discontinued and waiver state plans are not included.

Medicare SELECT

Medicare SELECT is a less expensive type of Medigap plan that is only available in certain states. Medicare SELECT plans can be any one of the 10 standardized plans.

To reduce costs, SELECT plans require the enrollee to use a specified network of health care providers and hospitals in order to gain full insurance benefits.

What Is the Difference Between Medigap and Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are not the same thing as Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans. You cannot have a Medicare Advantage plan and Medicare Supplement Insurance at the same time.

  • Medigap plans work alongside your Original Medicare coverage to help supplement your spending protection.

    Medigap plans don’t provide extra health care benefits, they simply help cover the deductibles, copays and other costs that you would otherwise have to pay for your Original Medicare benefits.

  • Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurance companies and replace your Original Medicare coverage. This means that they combine all of the benefits of Medicare Part A and Part B into one single plan.

Most Medicare Advantage plans also provide prescription drug coverage, which Original Medicare typically doesn’t cover.

Some Medicare Advantage plans may also include coverage for services like:

  • Routine dental and vision care
  • Hearing care and hearing aids
  • Fitness club memberships such as SilverSneakers
  • Allowances for certain over-the-counter products and medicines

Medigap plans do not provide prescription drug coverage. If you have Medicare Supplement Insurance and want to get Medicare prescription drug coverage, you can consider purchasing a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

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1 TZ Insurance Solutions LLC internal sales data, 2019. This data is based on the Medicare Supplement Insurance policies TZ Insurance Solutions LLC has sold. It is not a comprehensive national average of all available Medicare Supplement Insurance plan premiums.

2 AHIP. The State of Medigap 2019. (May, 2019). Retrieved from www.ahip.org/wp-content/uploads/IB_StateofMedigap2019.pdf.


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