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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Medicare

The advantages of Medicare include cost savings and provider flexibility. Among the disadvantages are potentially high out-of-pocket costs.
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Average Cost of Medicare Supplement Insurance by Age | Medigap 2021-2022

Find out the average cost of Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Plan F and Plan G by age, from 64 to 85. Learn the average cost for your age.
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Medicare Rate Increases for 2021 | Medicare Costs This Year

Medicare rates such as premiums and deductibles typically increase each year. Here’s a look at what changed from Medicare rates in 2021.
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What Is Trumpcare?

Trumpcare is all over the news. But what exactly is it?
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Medicare and You 2021 | Get Your Handbook and Learn What’s Inside

Get your copy of Medicare and You 2021 and learn what you can find in this guidebook for Medicare beneficiaries, that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issues every year.
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Updated 2021-2022 | Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart

Use this Medicare Supplement Insurance plans comparison chart to view Medigap plans side by side. Explore benefits and costs and find plans that may be available where you live.

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How to Find a Medicare Office Near You | Contact Medicare

Find your nearest Medicare office for help with Medicare and Social Security. To compare private Medicare Supplement plans available in your area, call our licensed insurance agents.
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2022 Medicare Rate Increase |

Some Medicare deductibles and premiums will increase in 2022. Learn more about what to expect for your Medicare costs.
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The Best Nursing Homes in Cedar Rapids, IA |

Use our review to compare the best nursing homes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, using their Medicare star ratings. Explore your options and find out what coverage options you may have.
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What Are the Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plans? |

Medigap Plans F and G are the most popular Medicare Supplement plans in 2019. Learn more and compare your Medigap plan options.

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