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Does the Health Insurance Marketplace offer Medigap plans?

Christian Worstell

by Christian Worstell | Published October 23, 2023 | Reviewed by John Krahnert

The Health Insurance Marketplace does not offer Medicare Supplement insurance plans. The Marketplace also does not sell any other Medicare coverage plans, such as Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage plans) or Medicare Part D (prescription drug plans). The health insurance exchange,, was created as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also referred to as Obamacare, to help people without insurance enroll in a plan. The website offers various health insurance plans for individuals ranging in age, but the website does not offer Medicare-related coverage plans. If you are currently enrolled in the Medicare program, you cannot enroll in a Marketplace plan to supplement your Medicare coverage. According to, “It’s against the law for someone who knows you have Medicare to sell you a Marketplace plan.”

Meeting Obamacare coverage requirements with Medicare states that if you have Medicare Part A coverage, you are covered under the ACA rules, and you meet the ACA requirement of “minimum essential coverage.” However, if you have only Medicare Part B coverage, you do not meet the ACA minimum coverage requirement and may have to pay the coverage penalty. In this situation, your options would be to enroll in Medicare Part A or pay the fine.

Minor exceptions

Although you cannot have Original Medicare and a Marketplace plan, details 2 exceptions when you can choose a Marketplace plan instead of a Medicare plan:

  1. If you currently pay the Medicare Part A premium; or
  2. If you are eligible for Medicare but have not yet enrolled.

If you currently pay the Medicare Part A premium because you or your spouse did not pay Medicare taxes while working, you can drop your Medicare coverage and enroll in a Marketplace plan instead. If you are eligible for Medicare but have not yet enrolled, you can enroll in a Marketplace plan until you are enrolled in Medicare. For example, if you qualify for Medicare because of a disability, but you want to keep your Marketplace plan, you can keep this plan until you are ready to switch to Medicare. provides a full list of special exceptions for Marketplace and Medicare coverage.

Buying Medigap coverage

If you want to compare and purchase a Medigap plan, you can submit your ZIP code at the top of this page or call one of our licensed insurance agents at 1-800-966-9487 . provides more information about enrolling in Original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage plan, or a Medicare prescription drug plan.

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