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6 Activities to Do With Your Grandkids This Winter

by Lauren Neale | Published December 19, 2023 | Reviewed by John Krahnert

The weather outside is frightful… Snow, ice, brisk winds all encourage people indoors during the winter months.  But remaining inside may make it harder on grandparents when their rambunctious grandkids come to visit, especially during the holidays.  According to studies, infants between 9 to 15 months burn 50% more energy in one day than the average adult.1  This fast metabolism lasts until the age of 5 and slowly trends down until it plateaus at age 20.1  On the flip side, this plateau begins to decline when an adult reaches 60.1  This leaves a large deficit between grandparents and grandkids’ energy levels which is a combination for disaster if you are not equipped with fun, engaging activities to do with your grandkids.

6 Activities to Do With Your Grandkids This Winter

Winter poses a unique challenge because the cold weather may keep many indoors.  But do not discount outdoor winter activities as they may be a fun way to let the grandkids get some energy out.  Here is a list of seven exciting indoor and outdoor activities that grandparents can do with their grandkids.

  1. Decorating Cookies

Baking is a fun way to spend quality time with your grandkids and can be used as a learning opportunity.  Your grandkids could learn about units of liquid measurement by helping measure out ingredients.  You can even cut out the cookies in fun shapes for the holidays!  Once the cookies are cooled, you and your grandkids can decorate them.  Decorating will be a creative outlet for your grandkids with a delicious outcome.  You can use this sugar cookie recipe for easy cookies that can be decorated.

  1. Snowball Fights or Building a Snowman

If you live in an area that gets fresh snowfall on a regular basis, having a snowball fight can be incredibly enjoyable for kids.  A snowball fight can be an unstructured activity or you can create rules to the game.  If you would rather have it structured, split everyone into teams and allow time for each team to create a bunker or fort out of snow.  Encourage teams to stockpile snowballs behind their fortress.  Then let the battle begin!

For those who want a less competitive alternative, building a snowman is a great way to spend time in the snow! Most kids love the idea of their snowman being life-sized, but with their small statures, it is impossible to make one on their own.  By building a snowman along with them you can make it life-sized.  Be sure to decorate your snowman with homemade goodies like a scarf, hat, and carrot nose!

  1. Sledding

Another outdoor activity that calls for snow is sledding.  If you live in a cold place that gets lots of snowfall during the winter, this may be a great activity to do with your grandkids.  Use caution when choosing a hill, do not pick anything too steep or icy.  A hill with a gentle slope will be fun for the grandkids and safe for you.

  1. Building a Blanket Fort

If the weather is too chilly for outdoor activities, make a cozy blanket fort.  Your grandkids will have the opportunity to be inventive as they string up blankets around the room for a warm escape from the frigid weather.  When the fort is finished you could watch a movie or read a book underneath the flaps of blankets.

  1. Ice Skating

Bundle up cozy and take the grandkids ice skating.  Many cities have ice rinks all year round, but some cities may have specialty outdoor rinks during the holiday season.  Do a quick internet search of ice rinks near you and take the grandkids for a few laps around the rink.

  1. Watch a Movie

At the end of a busy day with the grandkids you may need a more relaxing activity.  Grab some popcorn and cozy blankets and settle in for a movie.  There are tons of kids’ movie options available to stream online, but you don’t have to stay at home.  You could take the grandkids out to a movie at your local theater.

    Winter Playtime

    Before you do any activities like ice skating or sledding, make sure you have a Medicare Supplement plan that could help cover any medical accidents.  With a Medicare Supplement plan, you are covered anywhere in the U.S. and can visit any doctor who accepts Medicare if you are in need of medical assistance.  To learn more about your Medicare Supplement options, visit or call a licensed insurance agent today.

    Just because it is cold outside should not stop you from having fun with your grandkids this winter.  There are many engaging winter activities out there that can be fun for kids with lots of energy.  Make memories with your grandkids this winter whether you are all staying cozy inside or bundling up for snowy activities outside!


    1 "Little Kids Burn So Much Energy, They’re Like a Different Species, Study Finds." August 12, 2021. .

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